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Meditation Mantra of the Week:


To objectively observe the present moment.

Sensei Mike

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Instructor - Michael Lundquist

 Mr. Lundquist has been training in the art of Kenpo/Westwind Karate, since 1986. What started out as an activity of curiosity has truly turned into a passion and life long pursuit of the art. His personalized instruction under Master Tony Martinez Jr. has offered him the privilege to receive one of Master Martinez’s coveted Black Belts, well recognized in the martial arts community world wide. He continues to study weekly under Master Martinez in advancing belt ranks. Michael is best known for his explosive hands and sparring style, and his great attention to detail and flow in performance katas.

As a member of the Black Belt club and SWAT team at West Wind Karate, Mike has had experience teaching the art of Kenpo to students of all ages for many years. His philosophy of having fun to create passion, allows students to enjoy the concepts taught in class. Although Kenpo offers students knowledge of superb self defense skills and conditioning, if you ask Mr. Lundquist what the art’s all about, he’ll tell you it’s actually learning the art of not fighting at all. The skills taught in Kenpo give individuals confidence, discipline, and character resources that allow them to use self control and other creative means to handle many of life’s situations.

Kenpo truly is an art and study in the science of motion, which is what fascinates Mr. Lundquist on a daily basis and makes this study never ending. As concepts are learned, individuals can see their lives transformed both physically and mentally. In addition to Kenpo, Mr. Lundquist incorporates his knowledge of other Eastern philosophies into his style. These additional tools offer great means to mental discipline, relaxation, flexibility, and fluidity. We look forward to meeting with you personally, and hope you will become a dedicated student of the martial arts, who lives by the principles of the Black Belt: Modesty, Courtesy, Self Control, Perseverance, and Indominatable Spirit.