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Meditation Mantra of the Week:


To objectively observe the present moment.

Sensei Mike

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Forms Library:

In this section you will find forms that can be downloaded and printed for your use.

Some of our forms are not available online due to the confidential nature. If you need these forms contact Michael Lundquist to discuss arrangements.

The following are required for student participation and membership:

The following is required for student participation in belt tests. Submission of this form constitutes receipt of the "Red Tab":

Blue Jacket (Assistant Instructor Requirements). We're excited to offer this opportunity to students who meet the following requirements:

  1. Have achieved Blue Belt rank, is in good standing with attendance, Black Belt principles, and attention to detail in techniques and katas.
  2. Is instrumental in introducing 1 new actively enrolled student.
  3. You will receive $5 tuition credit per class you attend as an assistant instructor. Qualified assistants must schedule with the school prior to attendance. A scheduling calendar will be located in the back room staging area. Tuition credits will be deducted and invoices sent the last week of the month for payment.
Please contact Sensei to discuss if you are interested in participating.

In an attempt to help students focus and review techniques learned in class and accelerate rank advancements, we would like each Student to keep a practice journal and log  that we will provide. Please encourage and help your student to practice the techniques listed in their log for the following times as per belt rank:
Yellow / Orange - 30-minutes
Purple / Blue - 45-minutes
Green / Brown - 60-minutes
Please call me with any suggestions or questions you may have.  Thank you for your support!